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Saguaro and Cactus Trimming & Removal Services
The Valley's best Saguaro Specialist is at your service!
Colorful Gardens offers another great service, especially for the unique needs of the Saguaro Cactus! 
We live in the Sonoran Desert, home of the majestic and beautiful Saguaro Cactus (Carnegia gigantea). However, our desire and practice of growing the Saguaro for its aesthetic value in our homes and places of business  puts the plant at increased risk for diseases and other problems, due primarily to their closer proximity to water/over-watering in our landscapes (i.e. drip irrigation, run-off, etc.).  As a consequence, the Saguaro may be more vulnerable for diseases and/or other problems. We have developed special methods by which to manage these problems. Click here to Contact Us

Saguaro Cactus Services we offer:

Saguaro Cactus Removals                      
Sometimes nothing can be done to save a Saguaro, and if necessary, we can safely take down, cut up and remove the largest of plants. Of course we make it a practice to save Saguaros, but there are times when there is no other option, and we are available for Saguaro emergencies of all types on a moments notice. Saguaros often weigh several tons, are dangerous, and can crush structures, cars and even people, so please call us immediately for any Saguaro concern and we will do our best to solve the problem quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. 
For Saguaro Emergencies  Call 602-615-6200
Saguaro Disease Control 
For the condition called "Bacterial Necrosis" which is basically a bacterial infection that causes rotting of the plant.  This can occur anywhere on the plant. Call us immediately if you detect any signs of disease, or see Black Liquid oozing from bird holes, under arms or at the base of the plant. If the infection is detected in time and successfully treated, the plant can be saved in most cases.

Above - Bacterial disease before treatment 
Below- After treating and patching same area

Saguaro Straightening & Bracing Saguaros often get out of balance, and can start leaning due to many reasons such as disease, poor soil conditions or wind and rain during the storm season. We can often save a Saguaro that may be in danger of falling, or threatening a structure or block wall by straightening and bracing plant using successful, industry-leading techniques. The middle picture below shows what can happen when a Saguaro falls, the bottom picture shows that these plants can be saved when the proper measures are taken. If you see your Saguaro tipping, leaning or showing other signs of movement, such as at the base, please call us right away--chances are, we can help!